My name is Moniba Khan. I have been shortlisted as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Barking CLP which I only found out late Wednesday.

I believe you may have asked for a postal vote. I would have liked to meet with you face to face but the circumstances are such that I have had to write to you.

I am a Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Newham. I am proud to say that I campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn in both the leadership elections. I am also the Women’s Officer Newham Momentum. Poverty and inequality are not inevitable. No-one should be forced to rely on food banks to feed their family, no-one should be sleeping rough on our streets and no-one should be working for poverty wages.

As someone growing up with a single mum, lived in a council flat and seen homelessness as a kid, I know first hand the impacts of Tory cuts on our communities.
My campaign for standing up to Racism, Domestic Violence, for Women’s Rights, Climate Change, Tory cuts and the Universal Credit makes me the candidate that Barking really needs.
I am standing to be part of a team that delivers a Labour government under the leadership of #JeremyCorbyn. Change is coming.
Whilst a General Election is around the corner, Barking needs someone with energy, passion and enthusiasm. I am the only socialist candidate for Barking supporting Jeremy Corbyn and firmly believe that he is the only leader who can take our country out of the current crisis.

If like me you want a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn then please consider voting for me as your Candidate. Your vote will help bring about an end to Tory austerity, homelessness, increased poverty and the increase in crime.Labour under Jeremy has the most outstanding policies such as scrapping Tuition Fees, scrapping Universal Credit, Green New Deal which will provide 400,000 new green jobs in Solar, Tidal and Wind energy, building 1 million affordable homes, £10 minimum wage, Free prescription and free personal care for the elderly.(I am counting on your support to be your 1st choice but if not then would request you to consider me as your second preference).


Why you should support me

A local candidate

I am familiar with the deep inequalities and deprivation experienced here and can always be approached to discuss the issues faced by the constituents.

A socialist

I am a socialist, politicised by my own lived experiences and I am proud of our history of standing up for our rights.

A campaigner

I have been actively involved in local campaigns to protect public services such as our local day care nurseries. Tackling inequalities and standing up for marginalised communities has always been key to me.


Why I am standing

I have just applied to be the Labour Party candidate for Barking, the constituency that is very close to my heart. I’m standing because I believe in the people of this great constituency, in the Labour Party, and above all in the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.



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